Word Go Answers and Cheats

Word Go keeps your mind sharp by connecting letters to form a word and is a brain teasing word connecting game!

With entertaining and lively music, start your word connect puzzle today. This is the latest word puzzle game by CXZH, LTD.

With this addictive game, you can:
• Exercise your brain: simply connect letters to form words
• Challenging and fun: enjoy the delicately designed interface and have fun while playing
• Find answers: currently over 300 levels for you to challenge, you will never get bored

Word Go is a classic word hunt game for those who love word puzzle games to enjoy the fun of both word search and cross word puzzle games.  Play the game now on Android or iPhone.

Puzzle games on your iPhone’s and Androids can help to keep your mind sharp and useful.  The app games can help you pass the time if you are bored and keep your mind healthy.